ITT VIMO. New Holland's big loaders

ITT VIMO. New Holland's big loaders

VIMO - Industry News: New Holland W170D and W190D loaders Profitability, Savings and Sustainability.

New Holland has just launched its W170D and W190D large wheel loaders with Hi-eSCR2 technology.

The D series loaders are designed for the work of large farmers, contractors or producers of compost and biogas as they offer a high load capacity. In addition, this series of loaders has a high-performance engine and promotes fuel efficiency.

New Holland Cargadoras W170D y W190D ITT VIMO

The W170D and W190D models are the most powerful of New Holland's D series and their engines have incorporated Hi-eSCR2 technology which brings the added benefit of better environmental performance.

Hi-eSCR2 Technology: Caring for the environment without neglecting power.

These are the new New Holland W170D and W190D loaders. A machine that has maintained the maximum power, while protecting the environment by complying with Phase V which requires a reduction of particulate emissions by up to 40% compared to previous regulations.

Hi-eSCR2 technology is a solution developed by FPT Industrial, based on a reducing catalyst capable of decomposing NOx into nitrogen and water by injecting urea, while the particles are oxidized by the presence of NO2.

This solution eliminates exhaust gas recirculation and presents a series of additional advantages over the best environmental performance:

No filter change required.

No mechanical cleaning of components required.

Reduces operating costs.

Improves maintenance times.

Maintains the excellent visibility of the D Series wheel loaders.

And while many expected these changes to affect in decrease of performance or machine power, this has not been the case. The new W170D and W190D models have the same performance advantages:

Excellent responsiveness.

Low speed torque.

High fuel economy.

New Holland Cargadoras W170D W190D ITT VIMO

New version “Tools Carrier". The multi-task loader.

Both the W170D and W130D models have a "tool carrier" version as they incorporate a high-capacity load arm with self-levelling kinematics. These features allow the operator to have a high load capacity and excellent parallel movement throughout the lifting range.

The enormous advantage of these multi-tools is the ease and speed with which implements can be changed, making them ideal for agricultural, livestock and biogas generation activities.

New Holland Cargadoras W170D y W190D VIMO

If you want to get further information about the new models of large wheel loaders W170D and W190D, we invite you to come over to any delegations of VIMO.

ITT VIMO - 31 December 2019

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